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How many storage have mysql database in the account hosting?

you have no limits on the storage of your database.

An Administrator said that?


There are FAQs?
So I see other informations like .htaccess and sendmail…

[quote=original from FAQ][*]Wie groß dürfen eigentlich die Datenbanken sein?
Es gibt da keine festgelegte Beschränkung… Die Größe jeder Datenbank ist irrelevant. Sollte sie jedoch zu sehr belastet werden (durch die Größe oder durch lange Abfragen), werden entsprechende Verwarnungen ausgesprochen, um dies zu unterbinden.

[quote=translation][*]How big may the database be?
There is no limitation … The size of each database is irrelevant. If they are too much burden (by size or by long queries), are appropriate warnings to this phenomenon.[/quote]

The FAQ are located HERE

The Mail function is enabled but is limited to 100 mails per day (I think, I’m not sure)
url_fopen is deactivated, but they say that they will activate it soon. (earliest arround 2010)
you can use your own .htaccess file, you can create your own #404 error page, others are not supported.