Dissapointed with bplaced

Hello there,

this is not the first time I write here, and it might be the last one.

I’ve been using bplaced services for more than 3 years, and I’m very dissapointed. Not only bandwidth is a complete shit even upgrading, more are the services.
Why do I need 16 accounts? It’s not like it’s gonna be a large portal, because if it was it would NOT be supported because of the bandwidth.

I’ve got two accounts here, 1 is still alive and the other one is closed, because of database spam and guess… The alive one has got +300 bots, and this one was banned with 2.

Nice play dudes, nice play.

Can you do something good for a time?


the action taken is surely legit. Spam is a serious issue and it is your miss to take countermeasures here, hence the disabled account since you did not take apropeiate measures.

The bandwidth is fine, for you and all other sites, there are no complaints even from huge portal’s owners with many thousad unique visitors daily.

If you have complaints of any kind then this surely may be solved and is rarely caused due to issues with us.