DNS use for bplaced website

I was wondering if using DNS to connect to ones bplaced website requires a paid plan of bplaced and not just the free plan? And if so, is it possible to upgrade one’s current account and keep your website and everything as it was?



you can use bplaced’s DNS servers if you upgrade to (at least) bplaced pro (Source: bplaced mit united domains verknüpfen).
Yes, the upgrade does not affect your current account or data, it just activates the additional functionality.

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Oh that’s nice, and I can use domains bought on other DNS websites right? And It costs 3€/month, no additional costs for specific functions on the plan?


Should be possible but to be extra sure you can issue a support ticket or wait until some of the staff respond here.

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What do you mean? That staff can’t be waited on or that I should wait for staff? :sweat_smile:


Well, they usually respond in this forum - just have a little patience :wink:

I see, I’ll do so. Thanks for all the help!


the support staff at https://my.bplaced.net/support is your way to go :slight_smile:

bplaced pro adds DNS functionality to all your (second level) domains, e.g. domain.com - you also may switch it over to us as of bplaced max, given the usually low annual fee there (see our Domain Center), while having SSH, E-Mail, Cronjobs and dedicated even more powered servers.

Any upgrades are of course without data loss.

What is your actual question?
Do you already have a 3rd party domain and just want to point it to your webspace on bplaced? If so, that doesn’t require any additional plan.

If you want to use the bplaced DNS, that ofcourse requires the 2nd+ lvl plan.

I want to use Namecheap’s DNS using bplaced.net’s IP, that’s what I mean. And as I understand it that too is for 2nd+ plan.

Well, looks like I guessed correctly.
You do not need anything beyond free tier, to simply point your domain (via DNS) to bplaced.

Simply create a CNAME and map your domain to your bplaced domain.

CNAME: your-domain.foo -> your-bplaced-user.bplaced.net

All thats left for u to do, is simply add your domain via bplaced portal-thingy at https://my.bplaced.net/domains

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