Domain and host

I have a domain from and i want to point it to my bplaced host without url forwording . How can i do this ?

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You need CNAME or Typ A to set up your domain here without direct- or frame-forwarding.

Login to the User control Panel >
Open the Domain Config Screen
Type in your domain (ex:
Select „CNAME/A“ from the dropdownmenu.
„Home“ is the home-folder the domain should work with. Leave „/“ for the root-folder.

If your hoster only supports Typ A you’ll have to type in the Server-IP in your domainoffer’s webinterface.

It will take a few hours until the DNS-settings will work.


so … i entered my domain on the administration panel on and selected CNAME / A.

but what do i do on my domain administration panel ?

here are some screenshots .

what to configure here ?

You’ll have to change the “Record Answer” of “Record type A” in “DNS Settings” to your bplaced-Server-IP. You can find it in the “Domain Config”-Screen in the User Control Panel, above the input-form.

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there is also an english interface available in the user control center, you may select your appropriate language in the options to the left - there is no need to quote german text :ps:


I didn’t know it :ps:
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I was change CNAME/A but still nothing. It was pass 24h.
I chek status in OpenDNS: All locations returned the same (valid) answer.
But still my domain. redirect to old host!
Any halp. :hail:

Now is fine :p
I`m happy :slight_smile:

I also registered on, there needs only to change the DNS servers …

I’m search administrator! Admin tel me how i can install my webside :bandit: -tutorial