Domain and Mails

Hi! I need some help… I don’t know how to make my domain name work with my site. Had read here that I should go to bplaced-UCP but I can’t find it. Pls direct me there…

And the second question is how to create mail-boxes with my domain name (like

Pls I really need this help. Thank you …

What/How to do depends on your domain provider^^
But you have to set some DNS settings or to be precise, create some records like:

[quote=“me”]domain.tld. IN A <ip of your bplaced webspace [size=85](take a look at UCP)[/size]>
domain.tld. IN CNAME domain.tld.[/quote]
For the E-Mail part, it also depends on your domain provider^^
Some offer it directly, and for all others or to get real mail boxes, use something like:
Google Apps or M$

PS: UCP means User Control Panel [size=85](Google and/or Wikipedia helps^^)[/size] and so this one: right after login

Thank you so much!
I made it but the domain is not working good. I mean, if I am going to I get the Index of my site. But I need to get to the main page (writed in html). So pls how can I do it?

then set your domains home dir size=85[/size] to the right directory. [size=85](use your UCP here again)[/size]
Your index file has also to be called “index.html” or “index.php” etc. :wink:

thank you a lot!!! everything is working now))))))