Domain name dns


im buy it new doamin name

where is my dns ip ect ? who cal my plzz help

soory for my bad english.

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you only have to set up the A record. You can find the ip address that has to be entered there in the „Domain settings“ (bplaced UCP). The name should be an @ - it will be replaced with your domain name internally.

dont work man what are dns server names ?

Don’t you mean “Name Server”? You should be able to set up “NS” records beside those shown in your screenshot. If not so, I think your domain provider offers own name servers and you do not have to set up ones. In that case just enter your domain name in the UCP’s “Domain settings” and the ip address displayed there as an A record.

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I’m going to add you soon, but I’m afraid I am not able to support you setting up the domain until Saturday.

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I use a type A record worked well

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[quote]can you give ur msn want im have not invite msn are st*pid -,- :smiley: [/quote] What? I don’t understand what you want you say, I’m sorry… I prefer ICQ because I cannot log in to the network using the messenger.

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why work not ? can you help plzz

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You’ve set up a lot of needless domains in the bplaced UCP. The only domain that needs to be set up there is - subdomains are leading to the account automatically.

ow is fix closs topic :wink: