Drupal + ImageCache

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Second: I was not long been on the forum because I had no need to ask anything, but now I have. Namely, I using Drupal CMS and now:
I use the ImageCache module which is great for manipulating images, as I have limited web space (and didt need more - for now) I do not want my users to hang pictures in a huge resolution and the second reason is that I want my site to remain as light as possible. Drupal can run on 64MB of memory (which is basically enough without this module), but for optimum performance with ImageCache module is necessary to 96MB. Explain is given here:[color=#FF0000] It is highly recommended that you set you PHP memory_limit to 96M to use ImageAPI GD. A 1600x1200 images consumes ~ 45M of memory when decompressed and there are instances where ImageAPI GD is operating on two decompressed images at once.[/color] Is it possible to expand memory sometime in the future? As technology develops, we will need more memory! [b]I didnt need more memory, I ONLY ask for further information[/b]
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