Hi good people,
Did here have anyone who use Drupal in this host.
Drupal is the best free CMS in the world. But this host have restriction, for .htaccess and no problem… loading page is really fast -that`s good; but I can not post anything into Drupal.
Did have list of restriction?

I have also the problems with some php scripts. I cant install web proxy script :frowning:

I think web proxy scripts are forbidden at bplaced. They’re to heavy and force the servers to its knees.

I heard that they use a lot of server CPU resources… why??

I dont know anything about proxy script on Drupal. My Drupal run really well on this host only I didnt have http request from drupal so I can not see update for new script.
If admin can install Drupal for test, he can post way we can not run update module.

O, yes scripts=modules

Requests to external servers via PHP are not allowed on this space, so no checking for updates is possible that way.

i am running drupal 6.12 with runs nice -
updates do not work ?

i have to try out this -

but readable URLs (like pretty URLS - SEO)

do not work for me

i had to remove the .htaccess for install
with .htaccess no installation

---------------EDIT _ problem solved …

comment the line:
Options +FollowSymLinks
by puttin a # in front of the line
then it works

you should try joomla.
its the next generation of drupal, former drupal developers quitted the project and start making joomla.
It works just totally fine on bplaced