E-mail problem

I wrote this topic in German but I’m Polish and know better English and I can understand more.

OK. So I made my sister an accout few days ago. I wrote there e-mail dawlo@wp.pl and I still don’t have any e-mail with aktivation link and I can’t use that accout.

Can you resend me aktivation mail or activate my account, please?


After a member of the staff-team will have read that, then sure will activate your account. The reason for your problem is, so think, your polish provider was found out as spam, so just for save of security, the email was not sent.

I think, you aren’t right. My polish provider (poczta.wp.pl/) receives lots of activation e-mails so why my accout can’t get this message in this case?!

OK. I wait for activation.

For support additional information (they are important):
web adress is anime.bplaced.net.