editDNS - how does it work?

yourdomain.com → editDNS → yourfreehosting.bplaced.net

Example: http://www.editdns.net/index.php

you want a cname domain for your bplaced account?
or you want a redirection/iframe ?
add yourdomain.com in your bplaced account
and add your bplaced-link or bplaced-ip in editdns…
i only can say how i can make it with my de-domains

if you like de-domains i can give you one for free and i can install it for you (with teamviewer, than you dont have to give me your account-details)

de-domains what is it???/

i think… .de :wink:

do you know com-domains?
i can sell you com domains… but can give you de-domains for free…
de-domains like

@FirePanther,really for free?? :whata:
so,and what I need to do for getting one free de-domain??? :unamused:

you need to write post at his forum
for this you get “coins”, and with many of this coins you can get your free domain ( you need to post regulary in his forum )

oh, then it is not possible…
ok,thanks for the info & sorry

no i said its for free…
was heisst ausnahme auf englisch? xD

i put a link to my board and you get it for free…
i make ads for my website…

edit: ausnahme = exception

It s totally free he only wants an backlink.

hmmm, interesting o.0