English language support


I’d like to ask some basic questions about using this site in English language:

I wanted to get more information about the usage terms of the services this site has to offer, and I was glad to see that it had a “Terms of Service”, a “Privacy Policy”, and a “FAQ” page with language selectors. Unfortunately it turned out that none of the above pages appear in English when I select the English language (apart from the titles). Then I decided to use this forum to ask something, but I had to register first - again, in German. At last, during the registration, when I selected English as my desired language, the registration process changed to English, but if I couldn’t speak a little German I’d never have gotten that far.

My question is: Is there an English version of the web pages mentioned above?

PS: a notice above the registration form says that filling the entries marked with “*” is mandatory - I didn’t see anything marked as such. :slight_smile:

There is no English version, but you can use Google translator. (translate.google.de/) Just type in the url of the terms of servie there. It’s not the best translation, but it will give an idea of the most parts. I’m afraid there’s no other option.
If you have a specific question, feel free to ask here, i’m sure there will be somebody to give you an answer.

And enjoy bplaced :wink2:

Thank you for your help, I used Google Translator and managed to get most of the information I needed - by the way, is there really something about wood felling in the FAQ? :slight_smile:

There is one thing though: there are other sites that require logging in through the web interface at least once a month else the account is deleted. Is there something like this here by bplaced?


no there is nothing about wood felling in our FAQs :susp:
Please copy-paste the part here :smiley:

To keep your account activated you should login every 2-3 month via the web interface.

Actually, the Google translator works well in German->English mode, but I used German->Hungarian, and it translated “einloggst” to “fakitermelés” (“tree falling” in Hungarian). And this was in the sentence that contained the info about logging in sometimes. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information!