[English] Transition to PHP 5.3 / error_reporting

I dont really understand about the sticky announcement due to my poor understanding in the germany language, and some of the member of course from abroad didnt really understand, so here is the english translation, if this post is useless please delete it anyway :smiley:

miro 30. Jun 2009, 14:25

[code]I hereby announce that, starting tonight some - not all - server switch to PHP 5.3, in the course of technology change and then after a few days following upgrades to the server.

Please note there is not much, only that after the changeover in the. Htaccess file has no more values can be inserted, with php_flag or php_value have to do this for each user will now be a separate php.ini file available .

The transition will take place tonight at 1-2 servers, after a short trial period and the upcoming release of a compatible Zend Optimizer is the conversion to all servers, and upgrade the server some time later. A newsletter will be sent during this phase, the more information contained in this.


miro, 3. Jul 2009, 03:38


This thread is now here to discuss openly.

PHP 5.3.0 is now officially on some servers in use.
Should anyone want to know whether this is currently the case, it may be simply a php file with <? phpinfo ();?> as the content will be created as soon as it is called, is the PHP version.
Generally, there is basically not much to note, only 2 points:

  1. As already mentioned, php_flag and php_value is now no longer in a. htaccess possible.
    Therefore, each user has a separate php.ini file in which these values can be written. This goes as follows: the file itself is called. “PHP.ini” (note the dot before). This is the reason that the file was first officially as the “invisible” applies to everyone, but that they are not visitors from page can be accessed.

Here it is in the desired directory, for which the values should be used, such a file to upload. This also. PHP.ini and then simply designate the desired values in “ini” form to register, example:

error_reporting = E_ALL ; This is a comment, start with this; to date.timezone = "Europe / Berlin"

The file can be for compatibility reasons, even after “. User.ini” are named - this is generally the default name, as it often is not real, it says here at bplaced exclusive. “PHP.ini”. If those are 2 files in a directory (. User.ini and. PHP.ini), the. PHP.ini the dominant position. So it is first. User.ini and then parsed. PHP.ini - with what. PHP.ini is in values. User.ini can write about.

Who values such as php_value or php_flag times already in one. Htaccess did, however, must not do anything - they were automatically in a. PHP.ini transferred from the. Htaccess out.

5.3 In some methods are officially classified as “obsolete”, so in English as determined deprecated. This has to do with the fact that those affected simply as general instructions are outdated and no longer would be used. Unfortunately, this is also part of current software still the case.
Generally, the so-called error-reporting, to ensure that such reports are issued, up to date on


… set. This means in words, all errors, except for “Notice” error. Notice stands for "memo, so this is not correct error, but rather evidence that you have something better or that could possibly be a problem could occur.

My page still shows but now errors that previously were not there, why is this so?

With PHP 5.3 this has changed. So have some of the functions now more parameters or less, or require as a parameter eg. only instead of strings, for example, also objects.

This may therefore lead to that from 5.3 to sometimes even errors on the page to see who has not been since. Now it is so that PHP uA also called E_DEPRECATED-error, which occur when an outdated statement is executed.

In bplaced has the default setting or E_ALL now generally not the fault E_DEPRECATED-inclusive, these are the exception here. To these errors to their own anyway, there are now following options:

  • Either, you look in the code after the error_reporting ()-function, this could, for example,
    error_reporting (E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE); loud - then they will have to be replaced,
    that | E_DEPRECATED is appended, so the function would then read:

error_reporting (E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED);

  • Also you can from now on in php.ini the value

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED;

… Register, which the same for all sub-directories is where the. php.ini is then stored.
Besides | E_DEPRECATED can also | E_USER_DEPRECATED appended to the error_level addition to a step increase.

If errors occur now, by the change from PHP 5.2 to 5.3 to come - just as the main example, with the additional parameters or other expected parameters (strings instead of objects, for example) so you can either “fix” - hence the meaning PHP correctly, or

  • You could also for example, if the line is known, the error triggers a @ before it. This means that errors are suppressed, example:

trim ($ object);

change in

@ Trim ($ object);

For more information or functions, the changes have or are considered obsolete from now on be described are listed here: http://de.php.net/manual/en/migration53.deprecated.php

Should further or other problems, then please bescheidsagen. Currently all servers are not converted (others are still on PHP 5.2.8), because Zend has not yet replaced the Zend Optimizer, which is suitable for PHP 5.3 is. Since many of these users will be used, these would be users of such scripts do not work anymore. Some that I could have been identified automatically according to a different server, still remains at 5.2.8. Once a suitable version of Zend is available, all servers are migrated accordingly. If anyone is currently the Zend Optimizer on an affected server, it can be applied here, a move that server to another place - perhaps I could not represent all such scripts.

Please note that these changes sooner or later would become necessary anyway, or actually overdue. This conversion is important for all those in the future 6 Using PHP, since there a lot of these “outdated” features no longer exist, as they are officially eliminated, which would mean that your scripts no longer work correctly would - here you will still be warned, rather than the functionality to remove.


miro, 3. Jul 2009, 19:50

[code]Point 2 has been modified according to the current events are discussed.


miro, 9. Jul 2009, 03:42


Server2 was also hereby converted to PHP 5.3. Modifications for Automated Mediawiki, Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 and WBB (regarding Eventhandler.class.php) run straight through, should be up around 09:00 on 09.07.2009 will be completed.

Server 2 and server 3, from 10:07 through new computer systems - should read: the new servers are there. With the changeover to 5.3 server will then likely follow 7 a.m.-5 p.m., let’s see the first parade. The move is about to start from tomorrow, the whole night, and perhaps permanently over 2 nights stretch, since the amount of data just much too big to turn it into a night to be able to move. More info on this will give it later.


miro, 9. Jul 2009, 08:57


changes or modifications to the affected files are now complete.
If someone has a line called subsequently to install software, so one can ask that the modifications for its own account through again be repeated - WBB is probably in the next version to correct, Joomla may have not. More info on Joomla can be found here: viewtopic.php? f = 6 & t = 10341 & start = 0


BTW I already had the problem since yesterday,
I’m running the nucleus cms and there is terrible disaster but it already had been clear, right now I clearly understand what my problem really is…

Moving server - Server 1 / Server 4-8

miro, 20. Jul 2009, 13:45


as has already been here: http://forum.bplaced.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10384 … will be about tonight from the removal of the server 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. initiated.

The procedure may take some time, since the amount of data on each of those servers tlw. significantly higher than in, for example. on server 2 and 3

Depending on where the move is taking place, I will announce here and others that, for example. FTP in this period is not available. Further information may also be referred to the other thread removed.

All of these servers also come with the introduction of systems that work with PHP 5.3 - corresponding modifications as mentioned here: http://forum.bplaced.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10341&p=239770#p239770 … also running on the servers, so that the changeover as smooth as possible.

If, however, for instance, new PHP errors, which were as yet unknown, each asked, according to its mistake in a thread here to report - the knowledge can then be used to make appropriate changes that will also be automated to all accounts can be transferred .