Error 404 when entering homepage

Hello everyone,
when I enter too) I see error 404:

This problem occurs in all browsers I have tried (IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox). I also tried to get access to bplaced homepage via different ISP of my city (via different PC), but that was no use. Site only works via Opera Turbo (I was able to write here through that service). However, my site on bplaced hosting works well. This problem was appeared a few months ago.

What is the reason of that? Please help.



perhaps you are trying to show these sites from within a location banned by our ToS, …Opera uses a technique here which is similar to a proxy and therefor access is granted. Where exactly are you from?

From earlier hostnames I guess somewhere from upper eastern Europe, Russia - several Regions there are banned from our main pages indeed; please try again.


Yeah, I’m from North-West Russia (IP starts from 62.192..)