External Domain Name


I am totally non technical old person, a newbie, so please help me with patience.

I have an external Domain Registered at Namecheap.

They are asking for DNS server from bplaced.net. I have no idea what I have to give in these 2 fields that they are asking:

Specify Custom DNS Servers ( Your own DNS Servers )

I asked there and they told me that it should be the 2 DNS Servers of bplaced.

Please could you guide me how all this all works?

My website is hasnain.bplaced.net

hello hasnain

welcome to bplaced!

well first of all, bplaced does not provide DNS services as such - this is usually not necessary at all, since the very most domain registars offer their own and let you configure the domain with DNS-settings (such as A, CNAME, MX and stuff) on your own. Is such a common feature provided?

If so, then the remaining procedure is easy.