Freestyle plus?

I would like to find out 2 things:

  1. Is it possible to change the account from freestyle to freestyle plus?
  2. What are the exact differences. Is it only increased (unlimited?) space and external linking on pros side and number of accounts and databases of each type reduced from 8 to 2 on cons? What about ads, bandwidth limit and number of e-mails sent from the webpage?


1.) Yep… feel free to contact our capable support team to change from freestyle to freestyle plus.

2.) With Freestyle we offer you 1 Gig of webspace, 16 databases (8 MySQL, 8 pgSQL) and 8 FTP-accounts. In freestyle plus there are 2 Gig of webspace, 4 databases (2 MySQL, 2 pgSQL and 2 FTP-accounts. The number of e-mails sent via mail(); and the bandwidth are equal - and the user’s websites of course are free of ads.