FTP problem + ads problem

i have just created my account ixenland.bplaced.net/index.php i got success but i am sad that why my site doesn’t show homepage when i access url? why i always required to type index.php after my url? & also i saw that on homepage, this service is ads free then why that euroclick ads? & other pop up ads? it takes a while to load a page god :frowning: then how could users open more pages at a time? anybuddy could make fast to my site? please help me if admin can n users 2,

sorry for my bad English, i can’t speak German

After registration it takes up to 60 minutes befor you can use HTTP

omg now i can see every files but my problem is, it taking 2 hours after uploading files :frowning:

It is 30 minutes

It is Working: „hey you“

FYI: It only takes this time once after registration for the site to be available, not each time you upload files :smiley:.