FTP problem, disc full

My ftp fails to upload new files because it says the disc is full.
when i delete files i still cannot upload.

I only have joomla with some componments installed, that is around 25-30 mb.

Since bplaced gives you 2gb disc space i hope someone can explain the problem here.

There actually are some space problems on the server.
You have to wait till someone deletes something on the server, so space gets free again.
bplaced is working hard to solve this problem :wink:

if needed i can save 500mb, i have a flash game site on this and i can empty the 1.1gb of flash games and then switch to avarcade and put on the 600mb pack this saves 500mb.

If this helps, do tell ^^.
for then i have a reason to proceed this.

i hope you know that games are forbidden on bplaced?

Flash games aren’t.
I had this discussion before, .swf are allowed.

oh ok, then sorry my bad :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem. my site is only 20-30 MB. Are we having full server problems again?


yes, as usual. There will be a hardware upgrade within the next 2-3 weeks on some, but in 5-6 weeks on all servers, to kick this problem right to hell. for right now: try again.