FTP won't work

I can login to my FTP account but if i try to run command “DIR” or upload something then i get this message

I won’t open a connection to (only to


i’m sorry, this is a known bug, we should get rid of it within 24 hours, … perhaps another ftp-client will do, depending on the ftp/rfc-implementation …


I have tried Windows default FTP client, Filezilla, TotalCommander and a PHP based client, same problem :-/

crap :confused:

then time will have to heal that one, debugging ASAP


sorry, no solution was found yet since this issue seems to be more complex than expected - a workaround is to switch to passive mode, it works very well then.


What if passive mode won’t work either?

I get a “Password required” message, even I have typed it in.

Just try another FTP Client - e.g. Filezilla should work.

already tried a few still wouldn’t work.

i just created a new bplaced account and it works now so problem solved :smoke:
already removed the old one
thanks :slight_smile: