".ftpquota" blocks root directory

When you make a new FTP-Account with its own root directory, a new “.ftpquota” appears in this directory. When I delete the FTP-Account, the “.ftpquota” stays and I can’t get rid of it. But I want to delete the directory with the “.ftpquota” in it. How do I solve this problem or can a moderator help me? Sorry for my bad English.

Hi Alexander_Horner,

if you want to delete your ftp-folder (“root”), please dont remove it with FileZilla or over a FTP-connection.
Login into your bplaced account and click on “FTP-Verwaltung” / “FTP-management” and remove the FTP-user with the right folder.
Than the full folder is deleted.

I don’t know what you mean. I deleted the ftp user but in the folder (/lau) is still the .ftquota.

Oh i’m german btw