Got my ip banned by a server while editing my site

Hello, while i was editing my site i suddenly lost access to it via http and ftp.

Using tracert last adress is:
11 39 ms 39 ms 42 ms []
then it stops
I did created a ticket 379042 a day ago but still no access to my site. Please help. My ip is pointed in the ticket.

hello Vasiliy

your IP is removed from the blacklist, your access was suspended due to multiple login-retries at your CMS with wrong passwords.


Thank you veru much!
I have an access now.

Banned again… I just login only 1 time it was in admin panel for 5 minutes… Why this time?
Obviously i did do anything wrong this time too.

are you sure? I do see multiple access with post-data to administrator/index.php (login actions), all within a few seconds delay from each other

That is very strange… This time i will use other browser to login and see what happens. I do login one time with correct login and pass (i didnt login for about a year so maybe something changed somewhere). Thanks for activating again.

I nicely registered for a genealogy site
but after some time it did not work, I was configuring te website so I though maybe I made a mistake… so I registered a second web site.
But after some time same problem.
now my ftp program complains about blocking… and I saw this similar message.
Can you unblock my Ip-adress, you can seen in your log it looks like:

Thank you!


please retry now, be careful with your login attempts.


Cool … it works like a charm… :slight_smile:
PS: next time I’ll try it complete in German…
My English in typing is much faster…

Danke sehr! Bin jetzt auch :sunglasses: das Duschraum zu renovieren, zwischendurch versuch Ich die Familien Genealogie auch wieder on line zu bekommen. die Alte steht noch da, aber kann niet mehr bearbeitet werden (ftp geschlossen), woelmuis hat die weitere Aktivitäten leider beendet :cry: . Es steht noch so lange wie es dauert…

While configuring joaktree (Joomla plugin genealogy) I seem to get blocked again? (ftp not working too).
please unblock, tnx.

My German messages were deleted. I only asked for "can you arrange something that I will not be blacklisted everytime I update my Genealogy website…?"
This was too much of a question. A pitty… as the webserver works ok, but being blocked every time does not work. For me it is only a hobby, do not have to eat from it…
Found Hostinger as hosting provider, works also ok, no banners, so far never blacklisted with the same Joomla/genealogy work.
so bye, bye :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

This seems like the right spot for me as well. Sounds all very familiar. As I was just working on my site, all of a sudden the connection fails and doesn’t respond anymore. Afterwhich I can’t even the load any bplaced sites except for home and forum.
So if bplaced could check if my Ip-address is on the blocked list -and if so- would be so kind to remove it from it that list, I would be very happy and I could get back to work again!

Thanks for the help… OR NOT. Off of the blacklist and within no time back on it… ever since no response…

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