Hello bplaced

Hello there… i just bought domain name and i would like to know if there are nameservers so i can use it???

it would be nice if someone will help me…
thnx in advance,

hi and welcome to bplaced :wink:
You should log in into the UCP (User Control Panel) on bplaced and then there you see the IP which you should connect with your domain…
If you need help, I may help you…

off course you can…

let me tell you exactly what i did

i went to the ucp of bplaced and i added they domain i bought
here is a pic

As i have understan i must go to my the site that i bought the domain now…
I also learn that bplaced has no nameservers…
so i have now to configure my dns settings an the site i bought my domain

here is a pic

I dont know if i did it correct…
leanr me :stuck_out_tongue:

re-uploading fotos…
i give you the links


you would have to connect your domain with bplaced via a CNAME or type A DNS-record, please provide a larger second screenshot.


i did… :slight_smile:


I think the passage below (starting with “IP …”) is important here, please expand it and provide another screenshot.


eh, nevermind. Look below, where CNAME is being mentioned.

thanosgeo.bplaced.net.syrmatoplegmata.gr should be changed into thanosgeo.bplaced.net, that should be it.

you may also provide thanosgeo.bplaced.net via CNAME for syrmatoplegmata.gr and the wildcard: *.syrmatoplegmata.gr


im afraid i didnt understand you :frowning:

what is wildcard?

Why does bplaced still uses CNAME/A in the first place instead of DNS ?

CNAME/A are DNS-records.


please provide a screenshot of the expanded group as I asked you.



there you are…

[quote=“miro”]CNAME/A are DNS-records.


please provide a screenshot of the expanded group as I asked you.

I mean you just attach your domain the way most hostings are using DNS, no CNAME or A records.