hello,I need help,my web site don't open!

I want to know why ?

this is my site http://www.indang.net

PS:the pop ads make my browser dead…

It loads.


Start-> Run -> ipconfig /flushdns

(or whatever it is called in Chinese)

i do what you say but it is still not working

Your Computer has wrong DNS Data.

After max. 3 hours your PC does refresh the data automatically, normally must be your website be avialble from your PC(post time -> current time).

This Problem is only by your pc, oter people kann visit your site


PS: Sorry for my bad english :ps:

EDIT: I saw that i also cann´t open your website, maybe you made an Terms infringement.

i can open it…

why do so many Chinese People have this DNS-problem? Is China logging DNS-Data???

one chinese wrote me in support ticket and he told the ip of bplaced server is blocked by the GFW (Great Firewall), i don’t know if it’s true but it could be possible

they can use a proxy…

bplaced is blocked in china? welcome to democracy…