Help joining domain

Can anyone help me join my domain up with your servers, I have tried but it doesn’t seem to work. I own, and its register is OVH.
I have added to the DNS on my login in OVH and have added to your external domain. Any ideas on how to get it to work.

The main issue I think is that OVH require at least two DNS records to join.

Please help anyone.


You must not change the “DNS Server”, but you have to create an A-record or CNAME. Th IP for the A-record can be seen here (you must be logged in)

Hi, so how should i do that, i have tried to add the a record but i get this

sorry im not very literate at this

thanks if you can help explain.

You try to change your DNS Servers^^ But u have to create DNS Records^^ [size=85](A + CNAME for example)[/size]
So pls try to reset your DNS Servers so that u use OVH’s Servers

I believe “DNS Settings” is where u have to go to add/remove/change/manage our DNS Settings/Records

That’s how it should:
Go to “Domain & DNS” and then “DNS Zone”

Change: to
(To be sure: Take a screenshot of your “DNS zone”)

And then add the IP from the bplaced CP.

From: Domain Konfiguration bei OVH und Webspace bei bplaced (German) :slight_smile:

Greeting fishi

Hi thanks for the reply, it seems that DNS zone is disabled

thanks again, any ideas

oh boy… try to fix it yourself :smiley:
see: Force my domain to appear in “DNS zone”

hi, ok thanks, im not very literate at this dns,