How come my account is disable? Please come in and explain!

My website was

How come it’s removed?
My website was highly activated and does not violate any policy!
What’s wrong?
People are asking me about where my website gone!!!
Please explain as soon as possible!!!
I need my website back!!!

Thank you!!!

ps. I don’t have any thing about chat in it, just a guestbook and photo album, isn’t that okay??


You’ll have to login your user control panel at every three month, otherwise your account will get disabled.

To get your account reactivated you should use the support ticket system in your user control panel to explain your problem to the support staff there. If there isn’t any violation your account should be reactivated as soon as possible.

ok…so to be reactive is to be reactive back to BLANK or my data will still be there?
And I did opened a ticket, but no body has respond yet, how long will this take??
My ticket ID is 290177


It has been more than 2 days already!!!
No body answers my ticket!!!
I need my website back!!!
And I’m sure that I log into my account several times for every month!!
How can it be disabled??!!!
Somebody tell me why???


your issue is beeing handled, please stick to the ticket instead to the forums.