How do I change the server and phpMyAdmin login password

I changed the login password for the Web page bplaced.
It’s okay.
But how do I change the server and phpMyAdmin login password. Tourism has had access to the password, so I need to replace.


you mean with server password the ftp-password?

ftp-password can you change if you go under ftp settings. delete there your ftp-account and create a new. mysql-password can you change, if you login at There can you create a new password.

And what will happen with the existing SQL data, if I delete my account.

I want to change both, the ftp-password and the mysql-password.
I tried it earlier there, but I could not find the appropriate menu.
The path would help.


neither by FTP uploaded data nor your SQL-databases are being touched by the password change, just the credentials are being updated.


thanks for yours help.

The path would help me to the appropriate menu.
I tried to find it, but I could’t.

Can you please, give me a detailed path where it can be done.

Thanks in advance

hello beka,

just login to your control panel, to the left you will find both your options for FTP (for removal and recreation) and at the MySQL options the link to phpMyAdmin - the passwords for PostgreSQL have to be changed by our staff.