How do i connect my domain with bplaced and how do i install wordpress on it?

So I have a domain already, but having got used to nameservers and all, I have problems connecting the two. My domain’s nameservers are at their default and I add the domain choosing CNAME/A and no home directory.

I also want to make a site using wordpress but to my chance, when I open filezilla using my credentials, I can’t see a public_html folder. So I put the wordpress folder directly but now to connect I have to type All I want is to enter my domain and receive the wordpress home page but I cannot seem to do that.

I am fairly new at this stuff so it will be very much appreciated if you explain it to me like a noob. Thanks in advance.

Don’t upload the wordpress folder, upload its contents only.

Also, bplaced does not offer nameservers.

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Why not?
You can upload the whole wordpress folder.
It wouldn’t make sense to delete it and upload it again.
Point the domains home directory to /wordpress and it will work.

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Yeah now i did point the domain’s home directory to /wordpress but still, when i go to the address of my domain it just says “This domain is parked over domain distributor.” The domain address does not redirect to — when it should.

Have you already changed the A Record of your domain to the IP displayed in the bplaced control panel?
And if yes,when did you change it?
DNS changes need some minutes or even hours before they work.

No, I did not make any dns or IP changes, Yesterday I clicked to “park the domain” but didn’t know what it was, and today I just made a change that redirected my domain to the my site.

I’ve never done something with parked domains and don’t know what to do now.
Could you please link your domain here?
I will try to find an answer on you domain hosters webpage.

Well my domain is

It is for a school project, and domain provider is turkish so the site is turkish, i don’t think you’ll understand :frowning:

No problem.
That’s why Yandex Translate was invented so I used it.
The page of your domain provider hadn’t usable information but I found something on this address:
Domain parking means that you can’t use it and it is redirected to a dummy page because your page isn’t ready now.
Please check out if it is possible to unpark it.
I think then you will be able to edit your A records again.
Hope that helps,I have never done that before.

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Oh thank you very much, I’ll contact them, it is probably possible. Let’s see if this works.