How to extract archiv

Sorry for stupid question but I can’t extract tar gz archive after downloading it to bplaced.
Befor when i’ve used different host I’ve connected via ssh and operate with archives. Here ssh it seems doesn’t support (or i am wrong?) and i cant open archive using ftp console only.
Help me please.

You do not get an SSH-account on bplaced, so you have to use a PHP-script, either a specific script just to extract the one file or install a complete PHP-filemanager that supports extraction of archives.

thank you progandy

Can you give a suggestion about full step by stepprocedure to extract tar archive?
What I need for this?


I dont know php scripting
I found and download script on server
So how to run it? It dont start on click

tell us more about the script.
regular you have to upload it via ftp to your webspace and then call it with your browser…