How to move my site from my pc in bplaced

I have designed a website in joomla with xampp and I don’t know what folder I should move through ftp. htdocs or joomla folder? and what should I do about tha databases? backup and restore them in bplaced?



Backup and Restore

All folders in the “joomla”-Folder


Thanks for your answer!

I have a ziipen File, how can i extract this file in my host?
there any one help me??


you can extract the File with a Program(eg 7-Zip) and then you upload the files.

hic. i want to upload the zippen files in my host?
is there any methoad?? :winke:

you must unzip them and uplaod them with a ftp client

I believe that you can upload files of any type using cuteftp or flashfxp or even the free fireftp extention for firefox.