I can't access my website!

Hi, starting around 6 hours ago, I tried to access my website which is “www.genkishop.bplaced.net,” and it couldn’t be accessed. Then I tried to log into my FTP and mySQL database, they cannot be access either. I ask one of my friend who uses bplaced too and he told me his website is fine. I would like to what happened to my website. Oh yea, I can successfully log in my account at the bplaced home page. So this is kind of weird. Can someone explain this to me? I can’t lose my website and data now! So please someone help me here. Thank you at advance!!

Alright I just saw another post asked the same question. I checked my domain at this page piripiri014.mein-webperoni.de/bplaced/ and it says I’m hosting at server2, it’s offline for now. Is server 2 always offline? All of those have offline problems seems from server 2… Is that true? And how long will the offline lasts each time?