Is page working?

Hello, I’ve receibed email with bplaced Inaktivitätswarnung but I cannot load page , is it working?

It certainly is.
Where do u try to connect from?

from Poland. I’ve never had any problems before.

U might send @sascha a pn with ur current IP. There were other cases in the last couple weeks with connection issues. He’ll look it up and should get back to u.

In the meantime, check different browsers, firewalls, cache and alle the other crap that might cause problems.

Okay, thanks for help :slight_smile:

BTW how can I send PM? I cannot see such option

Clicking on the linked name should provide u with a popup. in the upper right corner is a big “Message” button.
(At least for me, I don’t know if any user permissions are required for that to show up though)

I don’y have any Message button Could you maybe write to him and ask for email address?

Same problem here, im trying to access from germany

Problem solved, site is working (at least for me).

Hello, bplaced site is still not working and also my site cannot be loaded. Is there any solution for this?


Also not working :frowning:

What did you See?

Connection timeout exceeded
The server is not responding for too long.