JavaScript not allowed?

I don’t know how the notice system or that stuff works here, but I’ll make a new post with the same message (sorry). I got really fast response on the last thread which I really appreciate, but no one seems to see my replies.

I’ve made a support ticket about this but the staff seems to just view it and not even reply… and I really need an answer.

So, my website still has the click virus. Is this because of self made JavaScript. How do I avoid this? Cause I can use already-made templates using JavaScript for some reason, but not my own ones. Is there some other way I have to write it or so?

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in regards to your previous thread, I had neither the time nor the capability to check your site in detail, but try to remove the external javascript that reads seo/search something. It sounds fishy to me. If that does not work, try removing external scripts step by step. It doesn’t look like a virus, more like (somewhat hidden) ads. Hence my question if you coded it yourself. If you took it from somewhere/one else, it’s probably just normal ads.

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Ah okay, thanks!