Javascript using

Hi all,

Christmas is coming so i wanted to use some falling snowflakes on my site. I wanted to use javascript. But I couldn’t do it. I tried it with many components and with modules too. I embed the code in the head part, but it didn’t work.

Do you know what i have to do to use javascripts…? I use joomla 1.5 :slight_smile: The site is

Thank ya


Can you show me the script, that you want to add ? (Snowflakes-Script)


of course:

the 1st one:

and the 2nd one:

is it possible that these are wrong? :S

I’m not sure, sorry =/

But here are some Joomla Snowflake Addons:,com_remos … ,1102.html,com_remos … ,1927.html

Maybe this scripts work.


Yeah maybe they’re wrong!

Thank you for your suggestions, they r for 1.0x but on the site i found a good module for my 1.5…thanks again,com_remos … ,1898.html

That is the right snow module for joomla 1.5x :wink:

It works 100%


Oh okay , my mistake ;D

no problem :wink: