Link/Banner exchanges for a new site

Hello, i’ve finished my website, and it’s quite hard getting members.
So i’d like to exchange links/banners with people so that i get some traffic into my website.

We are mainly an open chit-chat community with various additional subjects, with our main goal to adapt to the user base.
( For example, if politics in china and america get a lot of attention, they get their own (sub)category ).
Now we may have nothing to offer in exchange but i’m determined to help everyone on it and keep it as pleasent of an online community as possible.
Our aim is that the people who WILL visit and join us, definitely will stay with us.
Therefor you’ll get traffic back eventually.
I’m doing this 100% freebie ( it’s a hobby, i don’t want to make money with it, nor spend it ) so i’m using free hosting, opensource script ( even if i had the money, i just love MyBB ) free domain and not paying for ads etc…

Any questions ( when not flaming/raging/irrational/stupid ) are welcome.
We are still looking for some to design a banner for us ^^.
If someone would like to help out on this, we’ll give him the required materials.

Thanks in advance, Robin

Hey Robin,

First of all: Sorry, but I will not do a Banner exchange.
But, I just wanted to inform you that your site is missing an imprint.


What is an imprint exactly ?

Legal notice is the correct word.
Just create a page and write the following information into: full name, address, email … help&hid=9
This ok ?
( can be found by Help > Regulations > Legal Notices )

The full name is required.

full name is done, can a moderator please delete all posts now so that only posts related to the topic can be replied here >.> else it will become a huge hazzle.