Media Center is dead


meanwhile I have the problem in the Wordpress backend that I can not load the Mediathekinhalte (loads itself dead), likewise an Upload over the Backend is also no longer possible (also loads dead).

First of all, no, the pictures are not too big … even 40 kb pictures are not uploaded …

It works via FTP, but unfortunately I have to upload images for specific topic content ONLY directly via the wordpress backend, because I can not optionally specify a path …

Memory can not be full oä, because so far only scarce 5 MB of image data have been uploaded.

The support of bplaced unfortunately does not report after 1 day regarding the problem.

I use the free version for some test purposes and preliminary modulations.
At the memory limit it will not be, because it worked before and no limit is reached / was.

Greetings and thanks in advance

Does somebody has any idea??

What is the Name of your website?

Update PHP to 7 and try again

@sakurasanta86 Is this still a problem?
Is there any error shown? (Console?!)

It’s impossible to guess what the actual problem is, so there’s not much to help with, without some information.