My account is desactivated


I wake up this morning and I can’t go to my account. When I connect, I have this message :
"Benutzerkonto deaktiviert
Dein Benutzerkonto ist im Moment deaktiviert. Du hast trotzdem noch Zugriff zum Supportsystem um Anfragen bezüglich einer Aktivierung zu stellen.

Dieser Abschnitt ist nur noch so lange zugänglich, wie Dein Konto inaktiv ist - nach dem Verstreichen der gesetzten Frist von 31 Tagen wird das Konto vollständig entfernt."

I don’t know what happened. Please help me. Thanks

Maybe you didn’t log in on in the last three month so your account was deactivated. Or you had illegal stuff, a browser game or a web chat on your webspace.

Log in on, choose “Support-Ticket” and send a message to the support team. They will help you.

Ok thanks, I have juste done it.

I hope they help me rapidly, they say one week to treat the ticket. I hope it will be faster.


hmmm,here is not allowed web chat??? why??? whats wrong here? :unamused:
A Chat isn’t allowed. (An Chat with PHP and MySQL, don’t hosted by please.)

Sry, my english is shit xD :ps:

php and server-flashbased chats arent allwoed here because the use to much of cpu power

But you can user external chats with iframe or non-server-side clients for exampel for irc

greetz Hardi