My domain isn't working like it should

Hello guys, I wanted to ask do you know why my domain isn’t working properly. I made an account on this server uploaded wordpress to it and everything works fine with the subdomain but as I wanted a domain I made one. So I made this on

and this on my account:

So when I type my domain in the adress bar i get to my site but when I try to navigate trough my site all the links in the site are still with the domain and not like For example I have an article and when i click on it i get this

instead of

But when I click on the second link I still get to the article… So I’m really confused right now. Sould I make some changes to the domain or in wordpress??? PLS HELP


you’ll have to change the path in your wordpress-configuration to your

I tried to change but forgot to put the www in front of the adress and my site won’t load now… pls help what file should i edit manually in a php editor to fix this

** found it it was in the database edited it and now it’s working thanks a lot

HF :bp: