My Forum for WebMasters

Hello Everybody
.i’m live in russia.
I created forum (

If you not believe me click here to see my site on english language : … 2F&act=url

And Click here to see my site on Den Deutsche language …

And all of you will understand that it not warez

And the Last : Said me Please :

My site doesn’t break what rules of your hosting?

Well, you already created another topic right? The only way to resolve this is to login into your bplaced account and write a support ticket. If your site was really mistaken for Warez, this is the ONLY way to get it back. Such questions cannot be solved in the forum. Do you understand? :slight_smile:

Greetings :wink2:

Not absolutely… but now all is normal with my forum. warez isn’t present?! Or???..

This is up to the bplaced staff. They will tell you why. All you can do is: write a support ticket.

Greez :wink2:

That is I should write to a support service now???

Yep. Login into your bplaced account, there you will find an option like “Support System”, open a ticket there :slight_smile:

OK I have sent the message .THX to you