My site is blocked

my site is blocked.can u help me please???

the reason:

whats for the Fehlendes Impressum

plz help

i dont know the english translation but an example of an impressum you can find on my site
it shows the adress of the siteowner

its required in germany and bplaced wants it too

Just write a ticket and add a impressum :slight_smile:

Greetz hardi

but why they requiring such information. I wrote a ticket…

The bplaced servers are placed in Germany and because of the German laws every website in German must have such informations (name, street, city, country).

create page with information about me?
ok,I will do it,but plz renew my site …

plz help,
the reason chat script:(

Chat scripts are forbidden at bplaced - only IRC or extern hosted chats are allowed.

Please setup a support ticket and wait for reply.

For your interest the english term used for “Impressum” is “Imprint”. But that’s not very useful for websites.

More information can be found here