My site is not available

My site ( is not available for 3 hours (since 20.30 at Moscow). What’s happend? I haven’t cPanel or others control paneles and can’t understand: ddos it, or server error, or other problem.


HTTP is temporary not available due to a problem with the webserver.
We are working on it, please be patient…


during the past hours we had some serious issues in routing to our servers, these have been resolved by now, your site is available as usual again, sorry for any inconvenience.


Thank you for answers. Problemo finito.

It is also a problem for me now. (
The solution is also the same?

something similar yes, it should be solved the next few hours.
See the German Info about it: viewtopic.php?p=327069#p327069
There seems to be a routing problem to the Netherlands or something like that.
Pro users [size=85](paid user)[/size] can also contact the support about it, to get a refund.

Danke! :slight_smile: :ps: