My site is not working:

Hi Friends Hope u All Good:

Issue is that My SITE WEBTECH Is not working i don’t know why:

Niether FTP is working nor SITE :

My SITE link

Help Needed


Ticket-ID: 291551
Creation date: 2008.11.30, 06:43pm CET
Category: None

I generate Ticket what to do next:

as my SITE still Not Working Niether my account nor FTP link:

any one here to help:

Does the Site work properly now? Have you activated your account by clicking the link in the mail?

oh! i have any link in my mail:

my site is working properly but i don’t know what happen with my account
it’s like deactivate:

i useally login to for security issue:

i don’t know why account is deactivate need help


your account is reactiveated. please delete the chat…



ok SIR i m going to Delete that one:

and plz tell me why my SITE is not working:

it’s SMF forum of Version 1.1.6

I couldn’t login through FTP:

giving me error

Who i delete that folder

After a reactivation you have to wait a several time since everything will be back.

Did you try to create another FTP-Account (User Control Panel)?

ok my FTP account is working now :

and i deleted chat system

Fine - Have fun.


thanks for all staff they are great:

!haue !haue

Of cause they are, it’s :bp: qualtiy :wink: