My webpage doesn't appear

Why? :neutral_face:

Where should I copy index.php file in ftp?

Just to the ftp root directory where MySQLadmin/ PgSQLadmin/ or filemanager/ are located

You should transfer your index file to your root directory, if you dont know where is the root, just type / in the ftp login path,… and then check your web by reloading the browser

I uploaded index.php into /filemanager and all directories, even into the main directory, but I can’t see the mainpage yet… -> "under construction" -> "under construction" -> “under construction”

Assuming that “under construction” is the content of your index.php, it shows up everywhere you put it …

If you want it to show up when you visit - then you should put it in your FTP root folder, not into subfolders.

Now, it’s ok… Thanks for help…