My website/ftp can't open in China


FTP can’t connect
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ftp
Connected to
Connection closed by remote host.

i’m chinese…

Apparently, bplaced is blocked by the “Great Firewall of China” censor thingy, so you won’t be able to use bplaced from China. You’d need to by­pass the filter.

How to solve this problem
Please guide, thank you.

Wie dieses Problem zu lösen
Bitte leiten, ich danke Ihnen.

Unfortunately, your government forces providers to use filters which block various sites in other countries, often whole IP address ranges. There is nothing foreign service providers can do about this.

Many people in your country are simply unable to view a lot of sites.

A couple of people I know have managed to get round this by using proxies.

For information on proxies, see here;

With regard to your specific problem, see here;

You have to find a proxy which allows you access, and then use this to access the site you want.

Also, although you can access sites in this manner, providers will not usually allow you to actually run a site through a proxy, as you would then be (practically),anonymous to them.

Be aware that your current provider can also log your activity, even if you use a proxy!

I don´t know what risks or problems this may entail for you, so please be careful.


Mike Connor

Hi Winzs,

you can bypass the censorship by using Tor.
When you connect to Tor, your traffic is routet through three other Tor nodes (the connection between them is encrypted), so that you can acces the internet completely anonym and if the exit node (the last node) is a in a country without censorship or less censorship (Germany, USA) you can watch the internet like you are in one of these countries.
The only thing that isn´t that nice, is that the connection is rather slow (About 30 Kb/s)

Here are some helpfull links: … nd_Privoxy


Although Tor, and various other proxies may work in China and other places, there is no way to hide your activity from your provider.

The only way to do that is to use anyonymous dial-in´s or similar. Which will make it impossible ( ot at least very difficult), to trace the user personally.

Circumventing censorship is usually illegal in such countries, and may cause those who do it severe problems.

Providers in such countries log activity, and can say exactly what you are doing or looking at. Even just using a proxy may trigger an alarm at the provider concerned, causing your activity to be scrutinised.

These systems only provide (relative) anonymity at the site you are viewing. (The exit node). They don´t mask anything at all from your provider.


Mike Connor

Thank you, mike/floh
Have given me such a good answer. at least let me know the reason why can not connect. If for safety factors, I think I still consider the use of its own domestic servers, but free of too few. I am also learning and research site testing procedures used.
Thank you once again enthusiastic friends! I thank the representatives of China, and welcome to the Chinese guest, to China to watch the Olympic Games!

Haben mir eine so gute Antwort zumindest lassen Sie mich wissen, der Grund, warum keine Verbindung herstellen können. Wenn Faktoren für die Sicherheit, ich glaube, dass ich nach wie vor der Ansicht, die Verwendung ihres eigenen Server, aber frei von zu wenig. Ich bin auch das Lernen und Forschen Website Prüfverfahren verwendet.
Ich danke Ihnen noch einmal begeisterte Freunde! Ich danke den Vertretern von China, und willkommen bei den chinesischen Gast, nach China zu beobachten die Olympischen Spiele!

Best wishes | Winzs

Sorry it wasn´t a little more positive.

Good luck with your site anyway.


Mike Connor

I want to say: „Fuck Great Firewall !!!“ People in China hasn’t any rights… :motz: :motz: