Mysql fair usage

hi all,

I’ve been a bplaced user for more than a year now, and I’m very grateful for the great service!

But sometimes I notice that php pages take ages to load.
I read on some other topic that there is an issue with the DB server, so I’m willing to do my bit to ease the burden.

My main php script, which has quite a bit of mysql, that loads in 0.020 seconds (on average) and I get around 100 clicks a day on my site. (I use mysqli_multi_query() to send just one request to mysql)

I’m wondering if that is using too much CPU time (or other resources).

What is the average time you expect a script to load?


most scripts are done within less than a second, SQL-queries as well, sometimes while high load a query may even take 10 seconds - SQL queries are terminated by the system after 180 sec. of execution since they are considered useless in this case.