New account doesn't work correctly (and dns-question)

First problem.

Hi, I know that this topic appeared here many times but unfortunately I have the same problem. My FTP account works well but when I try to type address in my browser, then I get an error 404. I uploaded an index.html to a root directory.

OK, it already works. For the next questioners: I think we have to wait a bit before it will begin to work :slight_smile:
But the second problem still exists.

The second problem.

I’d like to redirect my domain ( to this account. In my domain control panel I have to type at least two diffrent dns servers (both name and IP address). I really no idea how to get them.

Thanks for your help.

As far as I know it is not possible to re-route a domain via nameserver-settings.

But I think if you can change the DNS-Settings you can also set DNS Records for A or CNAME.
Then you can add a CNAME Entry for to redirect to your bplaced space

OK, I’ve done it but it doesn’t work still… Maybe I have to wait a moment (few hours?) I can take a screenshot if it is needed.