No .htaccess? therefore .php.ini?

Basically, I require one thing and one thing only to be changed in my .htaccess.
When people go to:

They are taken to index.php, however I want the home page/default directory to be home.php.

As far as I know, I can fix this by putting:
into .htaccess.

However we don’t have access to htaccess, i read somewhere on the forums that I can make the changes using a .php.ini file?
I have tried making a file called .php.ini and putting “DirectoryIndex” in it however it has not fixed it…




the directory index is indeed set by DirectoryIndex via .htaccess - .php.ini has nothing to do with this setting. You do have access to create and write to such a .htaccess file, what exactly is going wrong there?


it’sDirectoryIndex index.php index.html home.phporDirectoryIndex index.php index.html /home.phpif u want even if the URL is actually