Ok Ich habe eine Frage

First(english): I use a translator


Es ist ein Spiel namens SA-MP und Sie können in MySQL,
aber MySQL bplaced übernimmt keine
I get this:

[23:46:16] MYSQL: Trying To Connect To MySQL…
Connection to MySQL database: Failed !
[23:46:16] Host ‘ip5457c0b2.direct-adsl.nl’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
[23:46:16] Error in mysql_select_db: MySQL server has gone away

I have this:

MySQLConnect(“.bplaced.net", "”, “", "”);
^ ^ ^ ^
host, User, password, database

How to fix?

You can’t connect to the database server from external hosts.

Only your (PHP-) scripts running on the same machine can connect to the database server.

So i can’t fix?

No you can’t. You can’t connect from external hosts and here you aren’t allowed to install browser games. Sry.

The problem is the host: *******.bplaced.net isn’t a mysql host!!!
In smf is localhost correct
So what’s the mysql host?

The host is localhost - other connections are disabled.

And if i connect to a other mysql database then it can connect (from a other host)
But this bplaced mysql is a fast one
Please any admin will be enable to let me connect

That is not possible. The SQL-databases are only for users with a hosted homepage here.

Why ?
Why isn’t the MySQL for external to?


I don’t ask to you

He’s right. External connections are disabled because they’re not allowed.

Can you please give me one reason why not

Because it’s forbidden and only for users with a hompeage hosted here.

Ok then i go search a other MySQL host (only host ^^)
Everything on the site is good only the MySQL and a onlne ftp system is bad

try this hoster freesql.org/, when it’s online again… :ps: