Phishing Pop Up on Android Browsers

My WordPress page is hosted on Every time someone (including myself) looks on my site using a browser on an Android device, there is a pop up with forced vibration and a link to a phishing site. How can I remove or block this? I use an adblock browser on my phone now, but I also want to block it for my visitors from within.

bplaced does not place ads on your site, try checking your website’s source code. I’m betting on that suspiciously looking counter script. Generally, don’t include third party code if you don’t know what it does.

Regards :wink:

Yes,it’s that script.
I checked the source and the links there bring me to an ad site.
I opened your site on my tablet (Yandex Browser 16.11/Amazon Fire OS 5.3) but I wasn’t redirected to the ad.

Thanks! Do you have any idea how to remove the ad but keep the counter? Can the counter script be modified to do this?

You must use another counter.
I recommend this one:
It hasn’t any ad included.