PHP settings has been changed?

I’ve hosted my site on bplaced since 11/2012 and everything worked fine.
But today i see this PHP warning on the top of pages:

i DIDN’T make any changes in scripts or database recently.

and when i try to add

in .htaccess, it’s error 500 on the server. why?

anyway, site seems to be still working normally.

how to fix or hide this PHP warning?

PS. sorry for my terrible english :slight_smile:


php-ini settings are not being modified by .htaccess any more - use .php.ini for this purpose and php-ini syntax, e.g. display_errors = off

The issue is about RavenPHPScripts or something perhapts? Please perform an update, your version is outdated. I have suppressed that error in the meanwhile.


no, it is not RavenPHPScripts.
but problem has gone after a few minutes since this posting :slight_smile:
thanks for tip about .php.ini
that must be in HowTo/FAQ on forum


yes, the message is gone because I suppressed it - it is not solved, please perform an update on the software (your CMS, Forum, whatever) you have in use.


Could I have some assistance converting my .htaccess to php.ini ?

hello dutchharbor,

the messages might be gone now, please state the exact ones whether not.