Please check my account!

Hey admin ! My site has problem , i upload 2 file readme to my host but only file readme.txt can display , file readme.html does not display , the same to php file . You can check at and
I had use proxy at but it not still working ? Please help my site ? Thank .


I can not find any HTML-notation or even default html-tags (html, head, body)…

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Das wird doch so wie’s aussieht sowieso 'ne reine Spam-Seite …

I got a virus warning(Antivir) when i entered the site. :neutral_face:
Applicating for deactivation…

Oh no:

This site doesnÄt only seem like a Warez site… no it is infected with a trojan horse, too!


as far as I can see, your page is trying to load this file ( in a hidden iframe. This is a 0-day exploit for the adobe pdf reader.

Hell yea, i tried that out :slight_smile:
The next time, can you inform me? Or you will cause a heart attack, right?

I still cant access my site , in this exam i had install wordpress blog but i can login to admin dashboard , my page cant not display , it is a white page .
Try with another html file , it still a white page
Final i cant find any pdf file in my ftp server .
sorry because forum do not have permit for lager 700px image

I found it ! My ftp have many PEC6F28D698FAD.php in each folder . i will delte my site .

Delete all files, you have on your space; than, if you sure, those files are not infected, upload the files, you need for your website