Problem with activation

hi who can help me with this,this is on bplaced my System, but I do not know what to do next.

Benutzerkonto deaktiviert
Dein Benutzerkonto ist im Moment deaktiviert. Du hast trotzdem noch Zugriff zum Supportsystem um Anfragen bezüglich einer Aktivierung zu stellen.

Dieser Abschnitt ist nur noch so lange zugänglich, wie Dein Konto inaktiv ist - nach dem Verstreichen der gesetzten Frist von 31 Tagen wird das Konto vollständig entfernt.

Dein Konto wurde mit folgender Begründung deaktiviert: Fehlendes Impressum

Greetings Wiske

This means you did not publish the required legal notice on your website.
You have to write a support-ticket and wait for a response. You will probably be unlocked as soon as you promise to publish the lagal details immediately.

PS: you can switch the UCP to english using this link:

Thanks for the explanation, Yesterday I posted a support-ticket how long will it take before I get an answer.

But I do not understand what is wrong, I just converted my old HP for my new.
For the rest, everything remained the same.

Greetings Wiske

you need to create an imprint on your site including your name, your address and email.

I did not have this on my old HP, I have an HP in bplaced since 11/03/2010
why should it be on my new HP, I have a new HP in bplaced since 07/06/2010
Greetings Wiske

[quote=“wiske”]I did not have this on my old HP […]
why should it be on my new HP[/quote]
Because the Terms of Service, which you agreed to by registration of your account, demand that you provide that information on your site.

No further discussion necessary - that you didn’t provide them on your old site does not have any relevance whatsoever.